5 Critical Questions About Your Email Marketing


Why are we still talking about email marketing? It’s 2012! Facebook has almost 900 million people on it. LinkedIn over 170 million people. We have smartphones…

Not sure about you but I feel compelled to check my email every 5 minutes, just because I can get it on my phone. It is always with me, and that is exactly why you need to be using it more strategically. We are bombarded with emails, messages on social networks, and texts all day. Why should anyone open, not to mention read your emails?

Email is still the preferred method of communication for a wide range of audiences. For that reason it is crucial that you test, measure and pay particular attention to your email marketing.

Here are the top 5 Tips to Reviving your Email Marketing.

First, look at your email marketing and say, “What’s the Point? Who Cares?” Look at it as if you got your own email to your inbox. Would you open it? Would you read it? Would you click on a link? If you answered “nope” to any of these questions, it is time to redevelop your email campaign. Start with your customer in mind and what value it brings to their business or their life.

Once you have a reason to send them an email, think about how you are going to get them to open the email. This is your subject line. You measure the effectiveness of your subject line by the open rate on the campaign, the more people who open your email, the better the subject line. The most effective subject lines are very specific, offer a benefit to the reader, pique their curiosity, or utilize scarcity.

Now that they have opened your email, what’s next? Think about how many people may be opening it on their phone… totally different experience reading it on a phone than a laptop or desktop. Does the call to action send them to a page on your website, now you have to see how your website performs in a mobile environment. Is it slow to load, do you have a separate mobile site? Mobile devices are changing the way we look at all marketing.

The content of the email is crucial to getting them to what you want them to do next. Is it impactful, persuasive and meaningful? Does it help them with a problem they are having? Does it move them in the direction of contacting you to utilize your product or services? Your content should be compelling enough that the reader should want to take the next steps.

Finally, are you telling them what to do next? A strong call to action is often misused in email marketing. Too many businesses just put the call to action as “Buy From Me Now” without ever really giving any value or reason to buy from you. Your call to action should appeal to the reader’s interest in your services. Give them clear directions of what you want them to do.

To recap and review your email marketing campaign here are the 5 tips:

1. Does your email add value?

2. Test subject lines to get more opens

3. Are your messages mobile friendly?

4. Is the body of the email compelling?

5. Do you tell the reader what to do next?

One last comment, how does your email marketing plan fit into the rest of your marketing strategy? Like I said, it’s 2012 and there are many ways to communicate with your audience. You have to communicate with them the way they want to be communicated with. Remember, an email doesn’t have to get stuck in an inbox. Create shareable content and your readers will take care of the rest.


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