Short-code SMS Marketing



Shortcode SMS campaigns are a popular online marketing tactic and can sometimes become self-liquidating, covering the cost of your marketing initiatives.

With a shortcode, the customer is prompted to send an SMS to a premium rated number such as 33642.

2Stroke can offer a range of premium rated short code campaigns including:

Short code SMS competitions build databases

Shortcode SMS campaigns are an ideal way to build a database. Participants are asked to SMS their name and contact details to a short code number to stand a chance to win a prize. For example, a company wanting to gain email addresses could run a competition offering free accommodation in a city of the winner’s choice. To enter, people would need to SMS their name, email address and the city in which they’s like to claim their prize to the company’s shortcode number. This data would be extracted from the received SMSs and used to build the database.

Votes, Polls and Surveys

People can be encouraged to send an SMS to voice their opinion or to participate in a survey. Whilst likely to generate less revenue than competitions, votes and surveys can assist in building brand awareness and generating databases for ongoing marketing activity.

Mobile Auctions

A mobile auction allows the audience to participate by sending a premium rated SMS in an effort to win by submitting the highest or lowest unique bid. The fun and interactive nature of mobile auctions ensures strong response and delivers significant revenue if well promoted.

Community projects

A community project, such as a Municipal crime line, can enable two way communications between service providers and audiences.

Read our blogs for more about the benefits of short code SMS marketing.

By : 2stroke


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