SMS Marketing & Alerts

Marketing via SMS has never been easier. Or more effective. Today’s consumers are mobile – and today’s marketing must reflect that. With our two-way SMS Marketing account, you can build powerful interactive marketing campaigns that drive results.

Advertising through mobile phones offers promoters several benefits:

  • Precise targeting based on a person’s preferences and behaviour
  • Time based targeting (send promotional offer at 3 PM and make it valid until 5 PM)
  • Location based targeting (send promotional offer only to people in and around a major shopping mall that signed up for a promotion)

Several studies found that using SMS, advertisers are getting recall rates of 58% and click-through rates of 10%. To compare with email marketing, which has only a 20% chance of being read, you jump to a 85% likelihood with SMS.

Who uses SMS Advertising?

  • Companies that want to interact with their customers
  • Party promoters and PR firms
  • Retailers who want to attract customers
  • Marketing agencies as a bonus campaign feature

What do you get with your Advertising account?

  • user list import
  • unlimited personal campaigns
  • mass SMS sending
  • reach 99.5% of all global networks
  • schedule times/dates for SMS to send
  • great bulk discounts
  • ability to integrate with our Corporate account for multiple account access, corporate reporting, aggregate billing, and the ability to connect SMS with your business using our “60-minute API”
  • one-time set-up fee of $199

Our technology, the Wireless Information Server, allows advertisers to easily deliver highly targeted offers that are ideally formatted for each customer’s unique wireless device. Our technology, combined with your opt-in program, ensures that the privacy of the end user is always protected.

SMS Alerts
Want to keep track of incoming emails? With intelligent email alerts you’ll never miss out on important emails again! Email alerts work even if your PC is off. You can develop custom SMS Alerts as varied from server monitoring to advanced CRM or application integration via our API. Alerts are a part of the Basic Corporate package.

Important Note about SMS Marketing: Messages MUST be delivered ONLY to members of your double opt-in list – in other words, your account cannot be used to send messages to people who have not explicitly and verifiably expressed interest in receiving messages from you. Also, if you plan to send SMS to USA or Canadian numbers you must first obtain a short code (one per country). We can assist you in this if you require.

Contact Us to receive more information on how our Marketing account can increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.

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