The Survival Guide of SMS Advertising


When embarking on a marketing campaign in a diverse culture, take into account that a company should be marketing whenever an opportunity or a challenge arises – this means that you should be marketing at every opportunity. Think out of the box – SMS advertising is a cost-effective method to get news of a new product or a new market right to your client.

A good reason for sms marketing is the challenge of having a new competitor. Marketing need not be a multimillion rand campaign, but could be as small as a direct mail drive, SMS, or branded vehicle. Marketing is a culture that is all-encompassing right throughout the organisation – from the way your receptionist answers the phone right through to the way sales people handle cold calling.

Think out of the box. Make your marketing personal, and ensure you really know who you are talking to and be certain that you understand your clients. Compartmentalising your target and talking to it appropriately will reduce wasting money in the long haul.

There are many things to do when you want to embark on an SMS advertising campaign. Keep marketing simple and measurable; establish a yardstick when you set your objectives so you have something to measure this by. Make the objectives challenging yet realistic.

Allocate a percentage of turnover to sms marketing. This could be anything from 3% to 6% – but it all depends on the product you are marketing. When turnover is down, marketing is usually forced to be cut down – that is why a cost-effective SMS advertising campaign is a brilliant way to market your product and business.

It is a good idea to identify your target market by looking at gender, location, education level, lifestyle and literacy too. The single most important piece of information in the creative brief is to identify the unique selling proposition, so find something unique. SMS advertising is a cost-effective way of getting your message right to your target.

By : Michael Mullany


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